High School Program Tuition

EEI School of Music

144 hours of classes inΒ 36 weeks/12 months

5 hours of EEI School of Music courses every week of the semester

Cost: $7,200

Additional Projects

Single Project (2 songs) $6,000
Profile Picture $1,000
Video Footage $1,200
4 Cover Songs $0

Cost: $8,200

Total: $15,400

General Education & Boarding

Elite Open School (EOS)

Tuition includes all components of our Synergy Learning model: all course materials*, personality assessments and personalized guidance of Elite Open School staff. With our Synergy Learning methods, our teachers and mentors at our physical locations will support students to complete their courses successfully. Each student receives personality assessments including personality type, personal learning styles and multiple intelligences. Full time students are eligible for financial aid or scholarship based on eligibility.

Cost of Synergy Learning Curriculum Package Tuition

Grades 9 – 12th 9-12th (AP Classes)
Year $12,000 $15,000
Semester $6,000 $7,500
Single subject per semester $1,000 $1,200

The high school tuition includes:

  • unlimited elective classes
  • mentoring and monitoring
  • college counseling service
  • discounted price on offline classes such as SAT/ACT/AP exams prep

* Shipping fees and applicable taxes may apply

American University Preparatory School (AUP)

Boarding Student Total (general education + housing + 3 meals a day): $46,525

Day Student Total (only general education): $34,900

Total: $46,525

Total Tuition

Tuition per year
EEI School of Music only $15,400
EEI School of Music + EOS Program $27,400 – $30,400
EEI School of Music + AUP (no boarding) $50,300
EEI School of Music + AUP (boarding + meals for international students) $61,929