About Us

EEI School of Music was created by the world-renowned Elite Education Group and Sandy Climan, top Hollywood producer. Their mission is to give young artists with ambitious dreams the education and artistic training they need.

We are dedicated to training and developing the next generation of professional musicians with an innovative curriculum. In the heart of Los Angeles, EEI  is staffed with some of LA’s top musicians and producers and we are committed to providing students with expert knowledge, and experience in the music industry.

Our programs of study are the first of their kind, as we combine technical knowledge and individual projects, to create a unique professional portfolio for each student.

EEI School of Music also prepares students to enter prestigious universities, by granting them the opportunity to differentiate themselves as exceptional applicants through impressive musical accomplishments. Furthermore, we are partnered with some of the most prestigious educational networks and institutions in the United States, including:

  • Los Angeles Voice Competition
  • Downtown LA Independent School Alliance
  • Elite Prep and Elite Open School (WASC Accredited Blended School)
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Center for Future Global Leaders
  • ICL Academy
  • American University Preparatory School
  • The Colburn School

Our mission is to provide students with a challenging academic and artistic environment that promotes professional experience and individual growth in Music. Our students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to unlock their artistic potential by the completion of personal projects of the highest quality.

EEI School of Music gives the student a unique insight in the production of professional products which meet and exceed the standards of the music industry. Our programs are unique, as they focus on every stage of creating music, and give our students a solid foundation for an artistic image. With original singles, covers, remixes, photography, project-specific music engineering, and personal student websites, our programs prepare our students like no other in the United States.

With fully equipped production and recording studios in the heart of Hollywood, we give our students the knowledge and experience to expertly navigate the modern music industry, and help them find their creative core to develop a unique musical identity.


Nickelodeon's Lance Lim records his Bruno Mars Medley at EEI

Lance Lim, star of Nickelodeon’s “School of Rock”, comes to his fans with a lush Bruno Mars medley recorded at our Hollywood Studios. Lance has starred in Hollywood’s biggest productions including Independence Day: Resurgence, Fresh of the Boat, Anger Management, and is also destined to become a star in Music. We are looking forward to welcoming him to our school!

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